My first creation ever! William's World is short and sweet. It has no storyline, and it only took a few hours to put together.

Meet William! William is a character who lives in a little house with his cat.

You can explore his house, and some other places.

I made this using the Bitsy game maker by Adam Le Doux! It's super cute and I'll probably make more stuff with it.

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Published Feb 26, 2017
Tags8-bit, bitsy, Cute, Exploration, Short


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Cute! A nice little demo.

thank you!!

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nice work :) I like the upstairs / downstairs tiles quite a bit ~~ overall quite cozy


Thank you!! It means a lot, coming from the bitsy creator :)


I really enjoy this little game <3 it's adorable!


Thank you so much!


Nice game! Strangely reminds me of my bitsy game. Though your graphics are way better.


Thank you!! I think I was inspired by your game, with signs and everything. Sorry about that xD


Don't be sorry. It's actually the nicest compliment :)